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  • Here we go!

    Here we go!

    Aces High Robotics is preparing for the upcoming 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition Season, beginning on January 6th with our annual kick-off. As we’ve been awaiting our next challenge, we have hosted two open house events, a mentor training workshop, and focused on outreach. We look forward to welcoming new members to the team and working…

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  • Pasta Supper 2023

    Pasta Supper 2023

    Join us for a buffet-style dinner provided by Suffield Pizza! This event will directly support Aces High Robotics in our traveling and competitive endeavors. All will be welcome to participate in a gift basket giveaway as well as to view our previous season’s award winning robot! Where? Father Ted Hall, Sacred Heart Church, Suffield CT…

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  • Getting back to it!

    Getting back to it!

    The beginning of our season is so exciting! Getting everyone back together, figuring out how we want to improve and what we all want to learn for this year! We can’t wait to see what this season will hold!

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  • Our Sponsors

    Our Sponsors

    Thank you to all our sponsors for making what we do possible! Without donations form ITW, the Amiel P Zak foundation, and so many more our team would not have all the amazing opportunities and abilities it does. A full list of our sponsors can be seen below, and on the backs of all T-Shirts!

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  • What’s New

    What’s New

    We’re back to it and so excited! Follow along on our journey on Instagram @AcesHigh176, Facebook Team 176: Aces High, or right here with our blog posts! Get ready for drive practice, building, and learning as we get going with this season!

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