Who We Are

Aces High is a FRC robotics team made of students from Windsor Locks and Suffield High Schools in Connecticut.

Students on our team work alongside dedicated mentors to design, build, and optimize a competition ready robot in minimal time.

When we are not building a bot we are still a tight knit group working together to host events, get involved in our community, and further develop our skills.


Who Are Our Students: Students on Aces High are committed members of FRC Robotics and their communities. Students come from many backgrounds but all are striving for success.


Our Head Coach:

Hi, I’m Peter Davis and I am the Head Coach for Aces High Robotics. I have been on the team since 2013. I love inspiring our students to go and succeed in whatever they choose. I think FIRST is such a great program because there are so many things to do and so many ways to use this education out in the real world.

The rest of the team:

Hi I’m Frank. My kids were on Aces High and I joined as a mentor in 2013. I work with build team and keep myself busy making sure the team stays on track. It’s great to see the team develop over time.
Hi, my name is Bill Tice. Math was my favorite class in high school so I decided to study Engineering in college. I graduated with a BSEE at UCONN and a MSEE at RPI. After college I worked as a Systems and Controls Engineer at Collins Aerospace for 35 years. When my son was in high school I helped to start FRC team 809, The Technowizards. When he graduated, I mentored my daughter on Team 173, Rage. After a brief break, I decided to mentor Team 176, Aces High. After 22 years I still enjoy every minute with the team.
Hi I’m Tom, I work with programing and wherever else needed. I am usually tasked with figuring out mathematical dilemmas or other big picture problems. I have so much fun working with everyone and seeing what we can create.
Hi I’m Ted, my son was on Aces High and then I joined as a mentor in 2004. I head the wiring operation on the team and work with build team as well. Our team has a great group of people and I really enjoy being part of the team.
Hi I’m Anthony! I was a student on the team, graduating in 2014. In 2017 I joined the team as a mentor and I work with Build and Prototyping. I love creating and innovating with the students, seeing how their ideas develop over time.
Hi I’m Nick! I am an Aces High alum, graduating in 2014. I joined the team again as a mentor in 2018. I lead design/integration and am the drive coach. I have my masters in mechanical engineering and am continuing my education to further myself and bring new information and ideas to the team!
Hey I’m Shahil! I am a build team mentor and I also work on design and prototyping. I was a student on the team, graduating in 2008 and joining as a mentor in 2013. Working with the students to create an awesome bot every year is so much fun.
Hi I’m Kyle, and I am the programing mentor for Aces High. I am an alum graduating in 2015 and joining the team as a mentor in 2016. During the day I work as a Dev-ops engineer using skills I learned as a student on the team. I enjoy being a part of the group and making cool stuff happen.
Hi I’m Sam! I am an Aces High alum graduating in 2019, joining as a mentor in 2020. I head marketing, media and scouting and work with design and build. I love being a part of the team and watching our awesome students grow and learn!
Hi, I’m Missy! I am a paraeducator for Windsor Locks High School.  I mostly work in math & science classes though every once in awhile can catch a History or English class. I had been a volunteer for Aces High for the years 2013 through 16, then became a mentor in 2020.  I love working with the robotics team! I enjoy working on the various projects with others and being part of a group aspiring to the same goal!  In my free time I love playing various board games and tailgating, sitting by a fire and relaxing. I am so excited about this year’s competition!
Hi, I’m Jim, I am a firefighter by day and robotics mentor by night.  I am also an EMT and Fire Marshall. I have experience in carpentry, construction, cement, electrical, and general contracting.  I love being part of the team because it gives me an opportunity to share some of my knowledge with today’s youth.  For fun I like to ride motorcycles, boat, and hang out with my kids.
Hi, I’m Mr. Horn and I have been on the team since 2001. I mainly focus on grant administration and finding corporate funding for the team. I was the drive coach for 10 years and now at competitions I focus on capturing our team through pictures. My favorite part of being on the team is seeing our students grow and come back as mentors.